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Service Packages

Here is a collection of the services I offer, but is not limited to. Please take a look at the packages I offer for color. If you are a new client or a client hat has not booked with me in the past two months please check out my New Client info below! You may find pricing for services on my booking site below, please note that prices can vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Basic Root Coverage $90+

This is ideal for guests who wish to cover or blend any existing greys or for on-the-scalp "root retouch." 2hr appointment that includes base, conditioning mask and style. 

The Works/ Transformatoin $290+

This is the works! This package covers full blonding sessions, "fashion colors," or a balayage. Great for achieving an all over brighter look. It also includes an Olaplex treatment, to keep all of our hard work happy and healthy, and a styling of your choice. This is for someone wanting a major change, and only recommended 3-4 times a year.


Classic Maintenance/ Partial $185+

A 3hr appointment that is ideal for guests who want to maintain or enhance their current color. Also best for clients who are working towards a main goal (going all over blonde for example). This includes foil work, shadow root, Olaplex and toner treatment.


Revitalize $75+

Everyone needs a moment to relax and revitalize! This service includes a treatment of your choice: Hardwater Wellness, Deep Conditioning, Olaplex System, a Scalp Refresher, and more! Allows time for a haircut and a styling of your choice.


For wedding information check here.

Mini $165+

Most ideal for guests who are concerned with the front of their hairline and parting to be either lightened or to move up the existing brightness. This includes foil work, blending root shadow, Olaplex and toner treatment.

Add Ons

Tinsel Extensions (does not include the price of tinsel)

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Shine Gloss

Olaplex Treatment






Tape In

Hand Tied 

Machine Weft

Extensions and pricing is by consultation only.

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